[PyQt] Qt or PyQt problem?

"V. Armando Solé" sole at esrf.fr
Wed Jun 3 16:37:29 BST 2009


The problem can be solved as shown below.

It seems the linux 32 bit implementation gets confused in 
createIndex(row, column, a) when a is not an integer but a long. With 
small values of a (10, 100, 1000),  the indexId() method returns the 
supplied value.

The solution is to call createIndex(row, column, a) with a being a 
python object and not its id. The indexId() method can be masked with a 
32 bit mask if it returns a negative value. I have only found that 
misbehavior under linux 32bit. Windows XP and linux 64-bit behave properly.

Thanks for your time,


import PyQt4.Qt as qt
import random
import sys

mask = 0xFFFFFFFF

class Model(qt.QAbstractItemModel):
  def index(self, row, column, parent):
      index =  self.createIndex(row, column, a)
      print "Next two values should be the same"
      returned = index.internalId()
      if returned < 0:
          returned = returned & mask
      print "indexInternalId = ", returned
      print "id(a) = ", id(a)
      print "Forcing to be the same with a 32 bit mask"
      print "indexInternalId = ", index.internalId() & mask
      print "id(a) = ", id(a) & mask
      return index

if __name__ == "__main__":
  app = qt.QApplication([])
  w = Model()

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