[PyQt] PyQwt on mac osx (designer + pyuic4 error)

massimo di stefano massimodisasha at yahoo.it
Mon Jun 1 22:44:32 BST 2009

Hi All,

i'm on mac osx leopard,
i have installed Qt 4.5 sdk + pyqt4.4 + qwt + pyqwt

  i tried some pyqwt examples and it runs without problems
i also have an application that use pyqwt in some plug-in (and it  
works too)

but now i'm tring to create a gui in designer, that uses the Qwt widjet,
i can select the qwt widjet in designer  but when i try to run pyuic4  
on the generated.ui file i get an error :

       pyuic4 /Users/Shared/Development/gsoc/OssimPlanetSasha/ 
planetsashaui.ui -o /Applications/GRASS-7.0.app/Contents/MacOS/etc/ 
       An unexpected error occurred.
       Check that you are using the latest version of PyQt and send an  
error report to
       support at riverbankcomputing.com, including the following  
         * your version of PyQt (4.4.4)
         * the UI file that caused this error
         * the debug output of pyuic4 (use the -d flag when calling  

i uploaded the -d log and the .ui file here :


thanks to All for any suggestion on how to debug this problem!


Massimo Di Stefano
massimodisasha at yahoo.it

epifanio on   irc.freenode.net  /join gfoss

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