[PyQt] PyQt: Internet rendering

piotr maliński riklaunim at gmail.com
Mon Jan 12 22:06:58 GMT 2009

Webkit in Qt 4.5 will support browser plugins - so flash, silverlight,
and others will available.

2009/1/12, Matt Smith <melkor at orangepalantir.org>:
> Recently I've become exposed to Silverlight or the moonlight version for
>  linux.  I was curious if there is any plans on supporting it with
>  QWebKit.
>  The main idea that I like is the possiblity of writing the code in
>  python to develop flash/java applet type programs, but as of now that is
>  not supported for the linux versions.  Just the graphics rendering.
>  It would be awesome if there was a python "applet" type plugin, though
>  security seems to be a problem.
>  thanks
>  mbs
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