[PyQt] List of childrens in QDialog by name?

Sergio Daniel Gomez sergiogomez at tostado.com.ar
Thu Feb 26 13:41:44 GMT 2009

How can I access to children's attibutes of a QDialog?

dlgBuscar = QtGui.QDialog()
dlgGui = Ui_Dialog() # Made with QtDesigner and pyuic4

if dlgBuscar.exec_() == QtGui.QDialog.Accepted:
     for child in dlgBuscar.children():
         print child
# Return the a object list, ok.

     print dlgBuscar.children()[1].text()
#print the text in the QLineEdit, but access by index. I need access by 
object name. How?


Sergio D. Gómez

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