[PyQt] Maximum image size for BoxLayout

Deon deon1 at propellerheads.co.za
Sat Feb 21 12:46:38 GMT 2009

Hi all

I'm just starting out with PyQT, so still a lot to learn over here.

I sit with the following layout.

MainLayout = VBox
VBox Top = Grid
VBox Bottom = HBox

HBox Left = QList
HBox Right = QLable

I want to know what the maximum size is (in pixles) for HBox Right,
without expanding the window.

I tried Various solutions, like putting a scrollbox, another vbox, hbox,
inside HBox Right, but none give me the desired result.
I tried SizePolicy, SizeHine and maximumSize with various results, but
none of the gives the dimensions of HBox Right.
The maximum values I recieved so far is 524287 x 524287 pixels,  and I
say without a doubt that my monitor does not support such a high
resolution. :)

Can anyone nudge me in the right direction here please.

What I'm trying to accomplish is to display an image as large as
possible, without breaking aspect ratio. The image can be rotated if it
would meen a bigger display.

Thanx a mil

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