[PyQt] Re: Any Large PyQt Projects?

Toby Dickenson tdickenson at geminidataloggers.com
Fri Feb 20 15:13:32 GMT 2009

Brent Villalobos wrote:

> I'm looking for examples from people who have written large PyQt
> applications and I would like to hear your opinions on what worked well
> and what did not specifically with choosing python over C/C++.


I'm lead developer for a 50kloc PyQt project. Comparing this to previous C++
(but not Qt) project of similar size I estimate a 8:1 loc ratio for
C++:python implementations of the same features.

Python has been a big win in terms of developer productivity, code quality,
and maintainability. Those are the obvious advantages you should have been
expecting to hear.

We have also seen advantages in product performance and latency, even in the
relatively CPU-intensive parts. This is entirely due to being able to
deliver better algorithms (thanks to the productivity and maintenance
advantages I mentioned earlier)

Some minor disadvantages:

* RAM footprint - *code* cant be shared between instances of your program.

* Startup time while your modules are imported. Plan to have a splash screen
with a progress bar :-(

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