[PyQt] Problems with QSystemTrayIcon

Sundance sundance at ierne.eu.org
Thu Feb 19 14:10:45 GMT 2009

Philippe Fremy wrote:

> I am having problem to get QSystemTrayIcon to work. I am running on
> windows XP and I never see any notification messages.
> My setup: windows XP, PyQt 4.3.3, python 2.5

Hi Philippe,

Your code looks fine to me, and works fine here on Linux (Qt 4.4.3, PyQt 

According to the Qt documentation, the .showMessage() method may fail to 
display its message depending on the system's configuration (this seems 
to be irrespective of what .supportsMessages() tells you -- because 
message are /supported/ doesn't mean they /will/ necessarily be 

So perhaps you may want to start looking in that direction.

Otherwise, well, if I had this problem, I think I'd solve it by going a 
different route entirely, since .showMessage() is, as per the 
documentation, officially unreliable. Do you think you could, for 
instance, animate the tray icon when there is a pending message, and 
then open a passive pop-up when the user clicks the icon? A bit more 
work, I know, but such is the price of reliability in the face of 
uncooperative operating system.


-- S.

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