[PyQt] Quick question concerning protected member functions

Christophe Diericx christophe.diericx at natuurpunt.be
Tue Feb 17 09:44:01 GMT 2009

Hello all, 

I have posted a simple code example concerning my question here:
It fails with a "RuntimeError: no access to protected functions or
signals for objects not created from Python".

I understand that this is in the documentation
to-protected-member-functions) and that this could probably solved in
this specific case by buiding a QLineEdit from Python and inserting it
into the QComboBox with setLineEdit().

But still, I was wondering:

* Does this happen with every C++ protected function /emitting of
signals or just in "some" cases?
* Is this scheduled to be possible in some future version of the
bindings or are there some intricate difficulties involved?

Thanks in advance.

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