[PyQt] redirect stdout to QTextEdit widget

Brian Kelley kelley at eyesopen.com
Mon Feb 16 19:06:53 GMT 2009

This should do what you want.

class OutLog:
    def __init__(self, edit, out=None, color=None):
        """(edit, out=None, color=None) -> can write stdout, stderr to a
        edit = QTextEdit
        out = alternate stream ( can be the original sys.stdout )
        color = alternate color (i.e. color stderr a different color)
        self.edit = edit
        self.out = None
        self.color = color

    def write(self, m):
        if self.color:
            tc = self.edit.textColor()

        self.edit.insertPlainText( m )

        if self.color:

        if self.out:

Example usage:
import sys
sys.stdout = OutLog( edit, sys.stdout)
sys.stderr = OutLog( edit, sys.stderr, QtGui.QColor(255,0,0) )

On 2/16/09 1:59 PM, "NARCISO, Rui" <RUI.NARCISO at airbus.com> wrote:

Hi all,

I would to redirect the standard output to a QTextEdit but I would like it to be dynamic, ie, as soon as something is printed to the stdout the contents of QTextEdit should be updated..

Changing the output of the ocde I'm running directly to the QTextEdit is not an option.

I have tried to do it by reassigning the sys.stdout file descriptor but I'm encountering "memory fault" errors when trying to write to the QtextEdit.

Would anyone have a webpage or some code I could use?

Thanks in advance

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