[PyQt] i18n default paths

Frédéric frederic.mantegazza at gbiloba.org
Sat Feb 14 14:58:30 GMT 2009

I have to deploy an application under PC/linux, PC/Windows, PC/Mac and 

1) Under PC/linux and Nokia/maemo, qt translations files are in the dir 
pointed by:


which is:


But under Windows, this call points to:


As I only installed PyQt, I don't have this dir. But I found they are 
located in:


So, what is the way to deploy them under Windows?

2) What method do you use for your own translation files? Do you let them 
as .qm files? Where do you put them, and how do you retreive them from 
your code? Or do you compile them as resources, in a python module? I 
tried this, but PyQt fails to load them...

Any advice welcome.



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