[PyQt] Using PyQT under the MIT license?

Simon Hibbs simon.hibbs at gmail.com
Thu Feb 12 13:35:45 GMT 2009

Hi all, I just joined the mailing list although I've been browsing the
archives occasionally for quite some time.

I already hold a PyQT3 license through owning a copy of Blackadder, the now
basically defunct Python/QT IDE from TheKompany. There's no way i could
conceivably afford a full commercial QT3 license for my extremely modest
purposes, but Blackadder gave a cheap way to get a QT3/PyQT3 license for
only a little more than a PyQT3 license on it's own. Blackadder itself is
old, clunky and largely non-functional but I only bought it for the

I am in negotiations for a small programming job, it's a spare-time project
for me and I only expect to make one or two thousand pounds out of it at
most. I will very happily cough up for a commercial PyQT4 license if the
project goes ahead because I'm doing it for the fun of it not realy the
money and PyQT will make the job easier and more fun to do.

Having said all that, there are still a number of reasons why I would love
to see PyQT4 go the LGPL route. One of the main ones is that I would like to
be able to offer the option of user-written scripts for this project. That's
not possible for a commercial PyQT project because that makes all the users
developers. In this specific case I can work around it by offering some
customization through config files, but it's still a significant limitation
and it's unusual to be in a situation where a free application can actualy
have a significant feature that a commercial version couldn't have - paying
money to get less, in a way.

Simon Hibbs
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