[PyQt] Windows/OS X installers for PyQt4 apps

stan modifiedbessel at free.fr
Sat Feb 7 09:58:11 GMT 2009

At least for windows,  code developed in Gentoo/Ubuntu/Python-2.5/ Qt/PyQt4 is 
very efficiently converted to self contained .exe's with pyinstaller and 
seems a little faster executing (smaller loading time) than py2exe. 
 I prefer pyinstaller a little for the moment, as it seemed clearer and runs 
well.  A simple howto with other quirks discussed and proper howto code 
that works out of the box (change to your program name, location...) is at 


which ran out of the box first time on a 2200 line Python QT application (it 
turned into a 9MB single compressed .exe) 

Not very technical, but this video shows the pyinstaller process quite clearly 


Don't know about OS X, but people seem to have success with py2app

On Saturday 07 February 2009, Mark Voorhies wrote:
> I am starting work on a Python/Qt4 based GUI and am looking for advice on
> packaging the finished application for Windows XP and OS X.
> The details are:
>   * The development is being done on Linux (Ubuntu and Debian), so open
> source packaging tools that run on Linux are preferred.
>   * I am using the GPL licensing option for Qt4 (entire application
>     distributed under the GPL).
>   * The current dependencies are Qt4 and some pure Python libraries.
>   * The target audience is non-programmer biologists, so the install
> process should be on the order of "download this file and double-click to
> install".
> My initial googling suggests py2exe for Windows and py2app for OS X, but I
> am particularly interested in the quirks of using such tools to package
> PyQt.
> Thank you for your time,
> Mark Voorhies
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