[PyQt] Threads with PyQt. Qt's or Python's?

Frédéric frederic.mantegazza at gbiloba.org
Tue Feb 3 16:17:21 GMT 2009

On mardi 03 février 2009, Giovanni Bajo wrote:

> > In this last case, does the call to emit() immediatly return, and the
> > thread go on with the next instruction, or does it wait until the
> > event has really called the slot?
> Depends on the connection type (which you can manually specify during
> the connect() call, or leave the default).
> The default (for connections between different threads) is
> Qt.QueuedConnection, which means that the emit() call exits immediately.
> Otherwise, you can specify Qt.BlockingQueueConnection: the emitting
> thread will wait until the receiving thread has found time to process
> all the slots.

Ok (Qt is really powerfull!). 

> Notice that it's easy to deadlock, if you don't pay enough attention (and
> even if you do ;).

Why do you say it is easy to deadlock? Do you mean that Qt can do 
unexpected things?



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