[PyQt] Threads with PyQt. Qt's or Python's?

Frédéric frederic.mantegazza at gbiloba.org
Tue Feb 3 15:19:17 GMT 2009

Le 3/2/2009, "Giovanni Bajo" <rasky at develer.com> a écrit:

>The trick is that a signal/slot connection across a thread is different
>from a normal one: in a normal connection, slots are called immediately,
>within the "emit()" call. Instead, in an asynchronous connection, when
>the signal is emitted, an event is posted to the main thread (posting
>events is thread-safe); then the receiving thread's exec loop will
>process the event and call the correct slot.

In this last case, does the call to emit() immediatly return, and the
thread go on with the next instruction, or does it wait until the event
has really called the slot?


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