[PyQt] How to manage multiple interdependent datamodels

Oliver Voelzel oliver_voelzel at web.de
Mon Dec 28 12:45:08 GMT 2009

I am writing an application, which should provide the functionality of SPSS (TM), a well known statistical package, in which the GUI  shows two table(views). One Tableview (No.1) provides adding,removing and editing (statistical) variables as rows, and the other one (No.2) provides adding/removing/editing the appropriate data (as rows), where the variables of view No. 1 are shown as the columns. Should I design ONE model, or should I work with TWO models, keeping them manually in sync. I considered doing this job database driven with two models and three database tables, but I struggled with the fact that every cell in the Dataview(No.2) gets its data as a result of a relational query, which seems to push the performance a lot? Maybe someone could give me some inspiration?

Best regards, Oliver

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