[PyQt] Small patch to compile sip with stackless 2.6.4

Demetrius Cassidy dcassidy36 at mass.rr.com
Sun Dec 27 23:18:07 GMT 2009

+++ "b/c:\\sip-4.10-snapshot-20091223\\siplib\\siplib.c"
@@ -617,11 +617,15 @@ PyMODINIT_FUNC SIP_MODULE_ENTRY(void)
     if (sip_api_register_py_type((PyTypeObject *)&sipSimpleWrapper_Type) <
         SIP_FATAL("sip: Failed to register sip.simplewrapper type");

+#if defined(STACKLESS)
+       sipWrapper_Type.super.tp_base = (PyTypeObject
 #if PY_VERSION_HEX >= 0x02050000
     sipWrapper_Type.super.ht_type.tp_base = (PyTypeObject
     sipWrapper_Type.super.type.tp_base = (PyTypeObject

This is more like a small hack, but basically under MSVC8 I get this
compiler error:

.\siplib.c(621) : error C2039: 'ht_type' : is not a member of '_typeobject'
        c:\python26\include\object.h(325) : see declaration of '_typeobject'

Changing to sipWrapper_Type.super.tp_base allows me to compile and it seems
to work since it's using the same pointer type. I'm sure it could be done
slightly cleaner, but so far this seems to work for me.

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