[PyQt] Small Project Proposal: file upload client

Matt Smith melkor at orangepalantir.org
Mon Dec 21 15:05:52 GMT 2009

I have a small project I am going to try involving large file uploads.
I want to make a small pyqt application that would enable large file
uploads via http post requests of smaller chunks.  

Part of the reason I am posting it here is because of "releasing".  I
have access to windows computers so I can use py2exe to make this
available to windows users, but I have limited access to macs so making
a mac release could be difficult. (also I don't know how to use a mac)

Currently I have a small set of users that this is intended for, but if
somebody is interested maybe we could make this an open source project.

	pyqt client
	wsgi application that handles requests, keeps track of state and
manages uploaded files.


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