[PyQt] License for embedded PyQt in Qt C++ app

"V. Armando Solé" sole at esrf.fr
Fri Dec 18 17:37:55 GMT 2009

Hi Oliver,

Oliver Heyme wrote:
> Well the C++ app will be released under LGPL!
> And you are saying that this than also is binding for the Python script we deliver with the app!?!?!
> Even though we distribute them as source code and anybody can freely change and use them?!?!

If you are not using PyQt you can release your application under LGPL.

Sip license seems to allow that if I have properly understood it:


If I have misunderstood it the rest of my mail will be senseless.

At the moment you or your partners start programming using PyQt, 
you/they are bound to the GPL license. If you are distributing the 
source code and not charging anything, it should not make a difference 
to you. If your partners do not want to distribute their modified codes 
it does not make any difference to them either. So, you could clearly 
state it when distributing your code and say that if they use PyQt they 
are bound to the GPL license whenever they distribute derived work and 
that the only way to overcome that "problem" is to acquire a license 
from Riverbank.


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