[PyQt] License for embedded PyQt in Qt C++ app

Oliver Heyme olihey at googlemail.com
Fri Dec 18 16:26:01 GMT 2009


We are currently investigating the foundation for an application we start to develop beginning next year!
It will be a mostly internally used software but we are planning to give it out for free to some partners!

So, we already have chosen Qt with the LGPL for the application since we don't need to mess around with Qt itself ;)

Now we where looking into the subject of having an embedded scripting language in the Qt C++ app and Python + PyQt + sip would be perfect.

Now we are not sure about the license.
We are planning to embed a Python interpreter in the Qt C++ application and "export" some of the applications internal classes to Python using sip!
We are also planning to script some smaller tools in Python inside the app!

When we "give" the app to our partners we also distribute the entire Python scripts we have developed for the app in source code (py-files) since our partners might like to adopt the one or the other script for their needs!

First question is, if our partners would like to develop scripts inside the for their needs do they need a commercial PyQt license?
And do we, as the ones who "own" and distribute the app also need an commercial PyQt license to get the app distributed?!?!

I hope I made my point clear and thanks in advance,

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