[PyQt] PyQt Newbie Need to use QtDesigner for Tool Button Icons

Richard Parker r.richardparker at comcast.net
Wed Dec 16 18:51:33 GMT 2009

I'm starting to redesign an existing application by using PyQt and QtDesigner for the user interface. I want my main window to include a matrix of about 12 tool button widgets that have .jpg or .png images on them that the user can click to select his/her desired features of the application. I notice that in order to place an image onto the tool button, the image has to be listed in a resource file and in reading about resource files for PyQt, it seems that the .qrc files have to be translated into a qrc_resources.py file that I presume needs to be imported into the application. This does not provide the wysiwyg designing experience that I was expecting when using QtDesigner. 

What am I missing? And if I need to use the pyrcc4.exe program to convert the .qrc file, how do I attach the images to their respective tool buttons? 

If there is a way to use QtDesigner for this purpose, please let me know how to do so. 


-rich parker- 
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