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燕子 xiaoyan0325 at tom.com
Mon Dec 14 08:20:07 GMT 2009

I'm on Windows using Python 3.1,  PyQt-win-gpl-4.6.2,  sip-4.9.2  and Qt 4.5.3.

I have a working graphics primative library that I wrap with SIP. I'd like to add Qt
classes to my library, e.g. QString.

I've gotten the file of *.pyd by my sip file, but when I run my *.pyd ,I got nothing just like this:
 when I run it on python idle.(myqtlibtest is my module)
>>> import myqtlibtest
>>> help(myqtlibtest)
Help on module myqtlibtest:

Any help? Thanks - susan
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