[PyQt] Python bindings for Poppler-Qt4, pypoppler-qt4

Wilbert Berendsen wbsoft at xs4all.nl
Thu Dec 3 15:15:25 GMT 2009

Op donderdag 03 december 2009 schreef Rajeev:

> It doesnt have much to do with distributions, because these projects
> are doing it for their own needs and not for their distributions.

I meant that python-poppler-qt4 could become a package in the Linux 
distribution sense, and that other programs could simply depend om that 
package, instead of including (some fork of) it in their own source tarball.

I write and distribute a free software application (written in Python, called 
Frescobaldi, see www.frescobaldi.org ). In the future I want to extend that 
app with a PDF widget based on libpoppler-qt4. But I would rather not include 
the Python binding with my program (as it requires users to compile code).

Users should install the python binding separately. Other projects also can 
then depend on that package instead of including their own version.

But for the binding to be useful for others, the API coverage would need to be 
completed.  I for myself need the links() method of the Page object and the 
various Link* classes, but I would be willing to make the binding complete and 
cover and test the full API of libpoppler-qt4.

Then the binding could be released as tarballs so that other people can easily 
install it and (Linux) distributions can include packaged versions of the 
Python binding for libpoppler-qt4.

> Why do you need a fork on googlecode ? You can simply checkout on your
> local, make mods and send me patches. But if its really necessary, I
> can move it off Pardus' SVN repo and put it on Bitbucket.

I would rather not create a fork. If I can contribute patches it's good as 

My main reason for creating a (googlecode) repo, is that it would make it 
easier for me to work on both my machines and commit to the repo often. And to 
have a well-known place to provide source tarballs I can point users of my 
application to.

Best regards,
Wilbert Berendsen

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