[PyQt] Python bindings for Poppler-Qt4, pypoppler-qt4

Wilbert Berendsen wbsoft at xs4all.nl
Thu Dec 3 14:26:21 GMT 2009

Op donderdag 03 december 2009 schreef Rajeev:

> However, some other projects have made some mods, but not contributed
> back. No idea why (or whether its ethical).

I would be willing to update and extend the bindings to cover the full api of 

Is it OK that I create a small googlecode SVN project for it and maintain the 
source there, providing versioned tarballs for others to use as soon as it is 
complete? That way this nice binding could become part of distributions 
instead of everyone including its own fork (which is OK of course).

with many regards,
Wilbert Berendsen

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        -- Mahatma Gandhi

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