[PyQt] How to implement a synchronous two-column edit widget?

Ruan WenBO drizt.ruan at gmail.com
Wed Aug 26 04:00:30 BST 2009

I want to implement a two-column widget, the data will be viewed in
different form in two column, when the user scroll updown or select some
text in one of the widgets, the other one will scroll or select two. It just
like to add a line number column to a textEdit widget. I know QsciScintilla
has some function like this, but I want to show more than just line number.

I have tried some solutions , but none is perfect.I have read that
Q3TextEdit has a inherited signal "contentsMoving" maybe a good solution,
but I can't add this widget in Qt Designer. Can I use this widgets? Or can
you give any more ideas?


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