[PyQt] missing sql drivers

Mario Daniel Carugno carugnom at gmail.com
Tue Aug 18 20:33:01 BST 2009

Hi, i've installed PyQt4 (Py2.5-gpl4.4.3-1.exe) on Windows.
That release has sql support, and i use the ODBC driver. I know it
works since i use this same release in another Windows machines.
But in this particular computer, when i run the same code that works
in the others, i get the following error:

  QSqlDatabase: QODBC driver not loaded
  QSqlDatabase: available drivers:
  QSqlDatabase::prepare: database not open

It seems that the PyQt installation has no sql drivers, but it's the
same installation that works in the other computers. Besides i've
checked out \Python25\Lib\site-packages\PyQt4\plugins\sqldrivers and
there are DLLs (qsqlodbc4.dll and others).

The path is ok, the ODBC source is configured.
The application shows the GUI, but it don't find any sql driver.

Some idea about what could be wrong ?

>>> Mario D Carugno <<<

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