[PyQt] Debugging SIP wrapped C++ code with Visual Studio 2008

magnus.benjes at googlemail.com magnus.benjes at googlemail.com
Wed Aug 12 09:19:58 BST 2009

does somebody know how to debug SIP wrapped C++ code with Visual Studio  

I have build a custom QWidget in C++ and wrapped it with SIP. I use this  
widget from Python with PyQt. I have figured out, that I need python_d.lib  
to compile the widget in debug mode and how to create python_d.lib.

In the VS 2008 project Debugging configuration I use the following  
application: C:\Python26\python.exe
arguments: the Python script, which loads the SIP generated module
working directory: The directory of the Python script

The Python script crashes when it tries to load the SIP generated module  
and prints the following error message:
"Fatal Python error: Interpreter not initialized (version mismatch?)"

With Visual Studio 2003, Python 2.4 and swig I used this approach  
successfully to debug non Qt C++ components.

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