[PyQt] underlying c/c++ object has been deleted

Giovanni Bajo rasky at develer.com
Mon Aug 3 08:56:01 BST 2009

On dom, 2009-08-02 at 22:22 -0400, Victor Noagbodji wrote:
> hi all,
> i'm getting this runtime error. at every line with a 'SLOT()' in this
> code. i don't really know what is going wrong. i have tried to
> translate the webcapture code on qt labs graphics dojo:
> http://qt.gitorious.org/qt-labs/graphics-dojo/trees/master/webcapture
> following is the entire code. when i remove the QObject connect, it
> works but breaks on other 'SLOT()' in the code.

You fail to invoke QObject.__init__() in your constructor.
Giovanni Bajo
Develer S.r.l.

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