[PyQt] Unable to create the C++ code

Gudjon I. Gudjonsson gudjon at mc2.chalmers.se
Thu Apr 30 07:08:02 BST 2009

   I am trying to fix the Debian package of PyQwt5 where I get the error:
Generating the C++ source for the qt module...
sip: QApplication has ctors with the same Python signature
Error: Unable to create the C++ code.

I do in fact get the same error when I try to compile the PyQt3-3.17.4
sources but PyQt3-3.17.6 compiles without problems.

I tried to take a look at the difference between these sources but did not
become any wiser. If someone could point out the relevant difference, the
same solution might be applicable to PyQwt5.

The sip version is 4.7.9.


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