[PyQt] Quick Launch/Taskbar python plasmoid

J. Janz jj at juniorjanz.net
Tue Apr 28 15:36:54 BST 2009

Hello, people,

I've just joined the list and I'm bringing some (possibly basic) doubts on
how to make a bit more complex python plasmoid. I've seen the examples on
KDE techbase but none of them took me the doubt on my project, which I
proposed to GSoC/KDE but was left out (with all similar proposals) =( .

I'm wondering what's the way of making a plasmoid which is, in a really
short story, a quick launch and a taskbar (I don't want to compare but the
idea have close similarities - alongside strong use and look differences -
to a OS X dock).

Focusing on the first part for now, the thing is that I need make it able to
receive IconWidgets (I believe - and I'm very open to implementation
suggestions). The intention is to have a behaviour similar to old kicker's
quick launch (I'm not aware of how it goes on today's quick launch), letting
icons to be added by drag-and-drop (from panel, desktop or a menu like
kickoff or lancelot or whatever) but also by menu, reordered by dragging and
removed (I think by context menu or dragged away from the plasmoid).

I don't have a clue of how to even start something like this. I've searched
a bit and, unless my searches were badly done, I couldn't find anything to
help me.

So, that's why I come to you guys: could anyone give me a help on how to do
those stuff?

Thank you, in advance.

JJ (|´:¬{)»
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