[PyQt] Regression(?) in SIP sip-4.8-snapshot-20090420

Simon Edwards simon at simonzone.com
Tue Apr 21 20:03:01 BST 2009


Phil Thompson wrote:
> Try tonight's SIP snapshot. It's a problem with the new implicit copying of
> const reference results.

Thanks, that works better now.

I've hit another problem in a similar vein. This worked in SIP < 4.8:

     sip: Plasma::AbstractRunner::serviceQuery() unsupported function 
return type - provide %MethodCode and a C++ signature

This class here works fine:
class KService : KSycocaEntry
// ...
     typedef KSharedPtr<KService> Ptr;

     typedef QList<KService::Ptr> List;
// ...

%MappedType QList<KService::Ptr>
// etc etc

And the problem is here:

namespace Plasma

class AbstractRunner : QObject
// ...

// ...
     typedef QList<Plasma::AbstractRunner*> List;


     KService::List serviceQuery (const QString& serviceType, const 
QString& constraint = QString()) const;

Something to do with the const return type?


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