[PyQt] Exposing complex Qt objects as javascript objects

Ori Avtalion ori at avtalion.name
Tue Apr 21 01:15:20 BST 2009


I'm trying to create a Qt object that will be exposed to javascript.
I want that javascript object to be complex: It has nested objects
inside it, and has arrays with other objects in them.

I'm not sure how to define the properties for the top object that I
expose. pyqtProperty doesn't accept "QVariant". (It returns the error
"TypeError: type 'QVariant' is not supported as a property type")

I managed to go around it by defining a function that returns a QVariant:

@pyqtSignature("fun()", result="QVariant")
def fun(self):
    return QVariant({"one":1,

but I'd really like to have "fun" as a property instead of a function.

What's the correct way to define such properties?


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