[PyQt] Call for better SIP documentation (perhaps on wiki)

Pim Schellart P.Schellart at student.science.ru.nl
Sat Apr 18 12:44:15 BST 2009

Dear SIP/PyQT Users/Developers,

In my opinion the great thing about the Python language is its ability  
to glue together programs written in other languages.
Unfortunately most tools to help ease this task are geared towards C  
instead of C++.
SIP seems to me to be a good candidate for becoming the de facto  
standard tool to form the link between C++ and Python.

Because of this I selected this tool to use for my programming.
But soon after this decision I encountered the (in my opinion) main  
weakness of SIP (which unfortunately it has in common with most other  
tools) which is the lack of good documentation.

I think that if SIP were well documented with a tutorial in the style  
of (and of the same quality as) the python tutorial (http://docs.python.org/tutorial/ 
) it could quickly become the preferred tool for many programmers.

Therefore I call upon the SIP developers and users to create such  
documentation perhaps in the form of a wiki, and make SIP the default  

Kind regards,

Pim Schellart
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