[PyQt] using myodbc

Mario Daniel Carugno carugnom at gmail.com
Sat Apr 18 00:21:29 BST 2009

Hi there, i'm developing a mysql based application and pyqt.
The qt version is 4.3 or higher
On linux, there is no problem. I have the compiled mysql driver.
Now, if i want to run it on windows, i know that i can compile qt with
mysql support.
But i don't want to compile the qt lib on windows. I want a ready to
use binary driver.
The ODBC driver is compiled in qt for windows, so all i want to know
is if i can use it
to connect with the odbc-mysql driver (myodbc) on windows, and access mysql via

Please, i need help on this, better from people who have done this in
practice and
saw it working.


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