[PyQt] Re: segfault when using a proxy and SIGNAL( "clicked(QModelIndex)" )

TP paratribulations at free.fr
Mon Apr 13 09:35:43 BST 2009

Andreas Pakulat a écrit :
> The reason you get a segfault when using a proxy is quite simply that
> you're trying to access something which doesn't exist. The index you get
> in cellClicked is not an index of your custom model, its an index of the
> proxy model, which doesn't have an internal pointer (or maybe it does,
> but its not what you expect). Whenever you get an index from a view or
> selection model and you're using proxy models, you first have to convert
> from the proxy index into a source index via mapTosource() from
> QAbstractProxyModel.

Thanks a lot. I will try as soon as possible and will report the result.
Perhaps I have finally understood that reading the "Detailed 
Description" of a class in Qt Assistant is not enough: reading the 
methods is also mandatory. Next time I will pay attention to that.

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