[PyQt] Drag/Drop, removeRows method not being called

Scott Ballard scott at scottballard.net
Thu Apr 9 05:05:32 BST 2009


Wondering if anyone has a clue about this. I'm using a sub-classed 
QAbstractItemModel with all of the required methods reimplemented for 
drag/drop functionality.

For some reason, if the columnCount method returns a value great than 1 
the removeRows method doesn't get called after the dropMimeData. If 
columnCount method returns 1 then removeRows method is called properly 
after dropMimeData.

I tried tracking this with the debugger in Eclipse/PyDev but the 
mechanism(method) that calls removeRows must be internal to PyQt as I 
don't see it being called.

What am I missing? Any thoughts are greatly appreciated!

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