[PyQt] Copying Directory structure from a template one

F.A. Pinkse fapinkse at gmail.com
Wed Apr 8 15:52:53 BST 2009

Hello All,

For very new job in my CAD work I make a copy of an old Job Directory 
structure and rename the directories/files as needed by hand.
Finally I decided to throw Python at it.
I hard coded the structure, but I felt I could do better, like copying a 
template and do a rename in the process.
But somehow I got stuck.

Here is what I did so far.

Used the QDirModel(), giving me the whole file system.
Using filters will narrow this down, right?
I can do a .hasChildren(), but I fail on the . findChildren() bit which 
is needed for navigation, I think.

Has anyone a good source of examples on this.



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