[PyQt] Re: Filter mouse move event

LF lucafasano at interfree.it
Mon Apr 6 14:51:56 BST 2009

LF <lucafasano <at> interfree.it> writes:

> > > > Hi list,
> > > > I need to filter mouse moving event on a QGraphicsView. I created a
> > > > filter and install it to a QGraphicsView instance, but desired event
> > > > seems not to be captured.
> >         self.graphicsview.installEventFilter(self.filter)
> I try to answer to myself. Perhaps I have to install event filter to scene
> instead of to view. In this way seeme to work.
> Anyway thanks a lot Arnold.
> Luca

Thinking it over, I'm sure that my filter has to be applied on view, instead of
In this case mouse moving event is not captured by eventFilter method of filter,
even if I set mouse tracking on True. Is it a bug of QT ??

Best regards

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