[PyQt] [PyKDE] kioslave example?

Lukas Hetzenecker LuHe at gmx.at
Fri Apr 3 08:27:54 BST 2009


i wanted to make a simple kioslave for the following disadvantage:
I have to directorys /files/backuped /files/notbackuped

And now i want to make a kioslave myfiles:// that displays a folder which 
consists of the content of both /files/ directories. 

Writing support for the slave isn't necessary (in the end it should pop up a 
dialog that asks you if you want to backup the files).

Are there any simple examples for a similar task?

I only found the API reference for PyKDE4.kio.KIO.Slave, but that doesn't 
really help me.

Thanks for any help,

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