[PyQt] PyQt overloaded constructors

Georg Altmann george at george-net.de
Tue Sep 30 14:27:20 BST 2008


I want to subclass QUndoCommand in python which has two overloaded 

QUndoCommand ( QUndoCommand * parent = 0 );
QUndoCommand ( const QString & text, QUndoCommand * parent = 0 );

The PyQt documentation for QUndoCommand has:
__init__ (self, QUndoCommand parent = None)
__init__ (self, QString text, QUndoCommand parent = None)

My python knowledge is shallow, but AFAIK python does not support 
constructor/method overloading directly. I didn't find any info on 
overloaded functions in the SIP docs - what magic makes this possible here?

The following is not support by python (the second __init__ overrides 
the first one):

class InsertCommand(QUndoCommand):
     def __init__(self, list, item, pos, parent = None):

     def __init__(self, text, list, item, pos, parent = None):

Can I support the overloaded constructors in my subclass?


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