[PyQt] PyQt and Qt build and install overview

Scott Frankel frankel at circlesfx.com
Sat Sep 27 00:48:01 BST 2008

I've just upgraded PyQt & Qt versions and took the opportunity to  
document the process.  While there's no substitute for the detailed  
build and installation instructions that come with each package in  
their README files, I find that a simple list is a handy companion.   
To that end, and to provide a high-level overview for the next time I  
upgrade, I wrote the following.  I share it with the list in the hopes  
that someone else might find it useful also.


The following overview was written for:
PyQt 4.4.2 to 4.4.3 (commercial)
Qt 4.4.2-snapshot-20080711 to 4.4.2
Mac OSX 10.5.5
MacBook Pro (Intel)

# PyQt & Qt Build and Install Overview

- download & install latest Qt prebuilt binaries

- download latest Qt src (for PyQt to compile against)

- build & install Qt src
   ./configure  (approx. 10 min.'s)
   make  (approx. 1.5 hrs)

- download PyQt components:

- download & install latest sip
   python configure.py
   sudo make install

- copy PyQt commercial license to PyQt's sip dir
   eg:  /opt/local/src/PyQt-mac-commercial-4.4.3/sip/pyqt-commercial.sip

- download latest PyQt

- ensure that Qt's bin dir is updated in PATH (hence the qt src install)
   eg:  /opt/local/src/qt-mac-commercial-src-4.4.2/bin

- build & install PyQt
   python configure.py
   make  (approx. 10 min.'s)
   sudo make install

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