[PyQt] Qt Designer + python plugins

Marco Fabiani himork at kth.se
Tue Sep 9 13:57:37 BST 2008


I discovered a strange behavior in Qt Designer's Property Editor when 
using custom widget plugins written using PyQt (for example, starting 
the example "plugins.py" in the PyQt examples collection designer/plugins).
If I create a new dialog with a QDialogButtonBox, the buttons OK and 
Cancel appear. But looking at the Property Editor, the standardButtons 
field says "NoButton". Now if I try to add a new button, the 
standardButton field remains set to "NoButton", the noButton field 
becomes checked and grayed out, and it is possible to select only one of 
the standard buttons at a time. The same problem appears if I have a 
dockWidget: the NoDockWidgetFeatures is checked and gray, and I can't 
select more than one feature at a time. I can provide screen shots if 
If I run Designer without any python plugins. I run Python 2.5, Qt 4.4.1 
and PyQt 4.4.3 on OSX 10.5.
Could it be a bug in the python plugin?


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