[PyQt] how to import pykde ?

Feth AREZKI feth at arezki.net
Thu Sep 4 20:35:12 BST 2008

Hello again,

On Thursday 04 September 2008 20:45:41 Simon Edwards wrote:
> Feth AREZKI wrote:
> >   *does not work, although is favoured by documentation [0]:
> >      from PyKDE4.kdecore import KAboutData'.
> For example:

If this works for some people and not for me on debian/ubuntu, I bet I am 
facing a packaging bug.
If it works for you: What packaging of PyKDE are you using? Oh no, not svn! 

I run CPython 2.5.2 and get the following results on:
  -a debian sid/exp. with python-kde4 4.0.2-1-1:
   TypeError: argument 1 of KAboutData() has an invalid type

  -an ubuntu 8.4 with python-kde4 4:4.0.3-0ubuntu1.2:
   Can construct the KAboutData, but failswith other signature errors.
   Previously, with my testcase:
   TypeError: argument 3 of KAboutData() has an invalid type


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