[PyQt] help learning pyqt

Rance Hall ranceh at gmail.com
Wed Sep 3 20:43:12 BST 2008

Hello all, im just learning pyqt and after tons of reading, especially
on the windows bindings for cross dev compatibility I finally decided
to give pyqt4 a try

now keep in mind im doing this on a windows box,

I downloaded a ton of tutorials, howtos, etc and everything seemed to
work as expected, but enter my first attempt at duplicating a couple
of basic features to make sure I had it.

using qt designer on windows I created a form with a button (the
famous "hello world!" button) and made an attempt to connect the
clicked() signal of the button to the close() slot of the form.

saved my .ui file

pyuic4 converted my .ui file to a _ui.py file

and then I wrote the main .py file to launch the app.

the form with button launches fine clicking on the button hides/closes
the button, NOT the form like I thought it should.

I havent been home to check this same behavior on a linux box so it
may well be a windows specfic thing

Ive attached the .py and the _ui.py files to this question, so can
someone explain what I'm seeing and tell me what I did wrong, or what
I don't understand...

Thanks in advance.
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