[PyQt] webView & webPage

adonay at k-demar.org adonay at k-demar.org
Sat May 31 10:58:03 BST 2008

I'm trying to make a special web navigator with the webview.
But I like to manage the weblinks. With signal clickedLink I see that this
is what I want, but don't work if I dont define to use this signal. This I
see I can do with  linkDelegationPolicy. I cannot define
linkdelegationpolicy on a webview. Only on a webpage class.

The questions are:
 - It's better use webview or other widget to navigate throug own HTML with
own link management?

 - What influence webpage has on webview. Because webpage has a lot of
functions that webview does not inherits.

 - Can I use webpage to see html, and how I use it?

I try to find examples and documentation on google but it's too new, and
documentation and examples for pyqt does not exists.

Sorry my english. Tnx 4 all


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