[PyQt] PyKDE3: how do you start a KIO.TransferJob?

Marcos Dione mdione at grulic.org.ar
Tue May 27 04:26:21 BST 2008

On Mon, May 26, 2008 at 08:32:18AM +0100, Giacomo Lacava wrote:
> I'm trying to start a download using the KDE3 api. The following
> snippet will bring up the "progress" window, but the actual download
> never starts:
> job = kio.KIO.get(KURL(url),False,True)
> QObject.connect(job,SIGNAL('result( KIO::Job * )'),doSomethingOnResult)

    I have a similar code, which works for me:

	job= kio.KIO.copy (kdecore.KURL (url), self.file, False)
	# 12:04 < mETz> StyXman: you need to return to the mainloop before the job gets started
	# so there is no race condition over these connections
	qt.QObject.connect (job, qt.SIGNAL ("result (KIO::Job *)"), self.readFeed)

    def readFeed (self, job):
        filename= self.file.path ()
        if job.error ()==0:

    see mETz' comment: you need to return to the main loop. only the the
jobs get started. does this help?

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