[PyQt] Re: PyQt 4.4.2 GPL installer / missing DLL

Pierre Raybaut contact at pythonxy.com
Thu May 22 18:08:30 BST 2008

I didn't have much time to test this, so I must have missed something
(sorry!): in fact, on a fresh Windows XP SP2 install, all is working well
with Python 2.5.2, PyQt 4.4.2, matplotlib 0.91.2 and NumPy 1.0.4.

However, with Python(x,y) distribution installed, when I simply uninstall
PyQt 4.3.3 and then install PyQt 4.4.2, I get the missing MSVCP80.dll error
when importing QtCore module for example (of course everything is ok with
PyQt 4.3.3 even with the whole Python(x,y) distro installed).
So, I really don't know how, but it must be related to the new release...

2008/5/22 Python(x,y) <contact at pythonxy.com>:

> 2008/5/21 Phil Thompson <phil at riverbankcomputing.com>:
>> On Wednesday 21 May 2008 13:45:42 contact at pythonxy.com wrote:
>> > BTW, I still get the missing dll error (MSVCP80.DLL) when running
>> > Python/PyQt scripts with the 4.4.2 release.
>> Which is MSVC 2005 isn't it?
>  As Python is built with MSVC 2003 and PyQt and Qt
>> are built with MinGW then I don't see how that can happen.
>> Phil
> Hi Phil,
> Actually, after testing it on a clean Windows VM, I found out that this
> missing DLL issue was not entirely related to the new PyQt release. PyQt
> examples are indeed all working well (BTW, your "example launcher" is very
> good-looking!).
> However, this missing DLL error occurs every time you launch scripts using
> matplotlib objects embedded in PyQt 4.4.2 GUIs. So I guess that the
> matplotlib Qt4 backend is not compatible with PyQt 4.4.x. I will post on
> matplotlib mailing list about this.
> Anyway, I'll have to wait until this bug is corrected to update Python(x,y)
> distro.
> Thanks,
> Pierre
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