[PyQt] Re: Building with Visual Studio 2008

Kevin Watters kevinwatters at gmail.com
Tue May 20 00:50:42 BST 2008

> As far as I can see SIP embeds the manifest in the executable so it is not 
> necessary to install it. If I don't run mt on the exe then it fails to run. 
> If I do then it runs - irrespective of whether the manifest is installed or 
> not.

I second this--I had to add the following post-build steps to my scripts:

cd sipgen
mt.exe -manifest sip.exe.manifest -outputresource:sip.exe;1
cd ..

cd siplib
mt.exe -manifest sip.pyd.manifest -outputresource:sip.pyd;2
cd ..

>From what I could tell, nmake doesn't do this part for you. (FYI, The ;1 means
"exe" and the ;2 means "dll.")

Might be worth incorporating to make people's lives easier on MSVC2008.

- Kevin

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