[PyQt] PyQt and DB API.

objectref objectref at yahoo.gr
Sat May 17 21:47:49 BST 2008


I am reading Mark Summerfield's book ("Rapid GUI programming with Python and
Qt"). So, in chapter 15 (Databases), he states that "Python also has its own
completely different database API, called DB-API but it isn't needed with

I think I need a direction on this:
I always thought that I should be doing stuff by using functionality that
the language (or its library) provides and if this is not possible, then
(and only then) I would look for the solution in another library, module,
toolkit etc.
So, here the standard is DB API but PyQt uses something different. I plan to
access Sql Server databases (mostly) but it would be nice to have my code
such that it can easily be ported to some other DB in the future (I know
that I can code it such way in PyQt.)

As I have the opinion that "standard" is a good thing, do you think that I
better use some other module that is DB-API compliant or PyQt is best to be
used in this case?



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