[PyQt] [PyQt4] Wrong QtCore.QLibraryInfo.BinariesPath on Windows

IloChab ilochab at gmail.com
Wed May 14 21:55:46 BST 2008

I have an application that uses QtCore.QLibraryInfo.BinariesPath() to locate
Qt4 assistant and show a customized help.

On linux I have no problem but on Windows I get a wrong translation.

On windows I just installed :
    * qt-win-opensource-4.3.4-mingw.exe
    * PyQt-Py2.5-gpl-4.3.3-2.exe
and I didn't set anything into my environment.

On my system I find assistant executable into two directories:
while QtCore.QLibraryInfo.BinariesPath() returns:
witch doesn't exist in the last level(bin).

What is the correct thing to do to launch assistant.exe on windows?

Thank for your help.

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