[PyQt] [PyQt3] QRegion.rects() missing

Hans-Peter Jansen hpj at urpla.net
Sat May 10 22:43:34 BST 2008


for optimizing reasons, I'm desperately missing the QRegion.rects() method.
Background is a special double buffering widget, where bitblt in the 
paintEvent reimplementation of the full event.rect() is painfully slow, 
while only a margin area is really modified. The only way to really get at 
the these areas is QRegion.rects(), which is not implemented in PyQt3.
(By the way, even the deactivated signature in sip/qt/qregion.sip is wrong, 
QRegion.rects() returns a QMemArray<QRect>, not a QArray<Rect> (anymore?)).

Has anybody tackled a similar problem, and has the patch still hanging 

I'm pretty dump, when it comes to C++ container classes, and even dumper, 
when it comes to combining them into sip %MethodCode, so a few hints are 
highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

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